Report: Developers prefer versatile Android for next-gen devices

A recent survey jointly conducted by Appcelerator and IDC indicates that (Titanium) developers favor Android over iOS for next-gen TVs and other embedded devices.

Indeed, 72% of devs believe Google’s versatile OS “is best positioned to power a large number of connected devices in the future,” compared to just 25% for iOS.

As a result, 59% of developers now favor Android’s long-term outlook, versus 35% for iOS.

Nevertheless, Apple iOS continues to dominate in all categories relating to current market/revenue opportunity and devices.

“Apps are poised to help remake the television viewing experience just as they have remade the mobile experience,” explained IDC VP Scott Ellison.

“[Clearly], television needs new and more effective ways to create immersive experiences, engage audiences with advertisers, integrate social networks, and drive viewership of original broadcasts.

“[And] the television players who most effectively integrate app developers into their connected TV strategies [stand ready] to potentially remake the television experience as we know it.”

Ellison also noted that Android-powered tablets were well positioned for developer “lift-off.”

“This is great news for Android tablet device OEMs. On the other end, new research shows webOS and BlackBerry tablets currently have little interest from developers (16% for both).

“[This means] HP, RIM, and other tablet platform challengers need to generate significant developer enthusiasm well in advance of upcoming launches.”

However, Ellison emphasized that fragmentation remains a key concern for Google, as 74% of respondents classified iOS as the “least fragmented,” while only 11% described Android as such.