Report: Conde Nast ready to sell iPad mag subscriptions

Conde Nast, one of the largest magazine publishers in the country, is reportedly set to offer subscriptions to digital iPad versions of its publications.

Currently the company sells individual issues of GQ, Wired, Golf Digest, Vanity Fair, and its handful of other properties, at generally the same price as one would find at a physical newsstand.

However, those wanting to get a deal by purchasing an annual subscription still have no choice but to sign onto the paper version of the magazine. That may soon change.

The New York Post reports that Conde Nast will begin offering digital iPad magazine subscriptions for The New Yorker as soon as next week. Customers will be able to purchase a single issue of the digital publication and then sign up for an annual subscription from within that issue.

The one-year offer will allow customers to drastically save on the publication, lowering the per-issue price down to around $1.99 or less.

It’s expected the publisher will follow shortly with similar deals on its other publications.

Conde Nast was one of the first major players to digitize its magazines for the iPad, and because of the novelty of it all struck a successful chord with the public. However, reports suggest it has begun to lose some of its iPad mojo.

This move is assumedly to get some of that mojo back.