Report: Blackberry users lust after Apple’s iPhone

A recent study conducted by Crowd Science claims that nearly half of all Blackberry owners would likely switch to another smartphone, with a majority of those choosing Apple’s iPhone.

According to the survey, at least 39 percent of BlackBerry admitted they “definitely or probably would” switch to an iPhone if they had to buy a new handset “tomorrow.”

Another 29 percent were “unsure,” while 31 percent insisted they were “unlikely” to make the switch to Apple.

Meanwhile, 92 percent of iPhone users polled for the Crowd Science survey noted they were satisfied with the device and would likely purchase another Apple smartphone in the future.  

In addition, users of Google Android mobile devices also expressed satisfaction, with 87 percent convinced they would purchase another Android-powered smartphone in the future.

Finally, 34 percent of Blackberry owners said they would “strongly consider” buying an Android phone if they were forced to make an immediate purchase.

“These results show that the restlessness of Blackberry users with their current brand hasn’t just been driven by the allure of iPhone,” said John Martin, CEO of Crowd Science.

“Rather, Blackberry as a brand just isn’t garnering the loyalty seen with other mobile operating systems.”