Report: Apple prepping dual-core iPhone for April launch

Apple is reportedly preparing to launch its next-gen, dual-core 4G iPhone in April 2010.

According to the Korea Times, the next-gen iPhone is expected to feature an OLED screen, video chat capabilities and a removable battery.

Negotiations over the initial sales volume have already begun, with KT – an exclusive Korean partner of Apple – slated to sell the iPhone to select local corporate clients as a “litmus test.”

“With KT, we’ve been in talks with other telecom carriers to gauge the launching timing of 4G iPhones in South Korea. More tech-oriented features will be added to the models,” an Apple representative told the Korea Times.

Meanwhile, AppleInsider claims the future iPhone will include an ARM-based Cortex-A9 processor design that is capable of breaking the 2GHz barrier.

“A new version of the iPhone could arrive in 2010 to support CDMA networks like Verizon in the US,” wrote AppleInsider’s Katie Marsal.

“Rumors over the last few months have said Apple has struck a deal to purchase chips from Qualcomm to support CDMA/EVDO carriers. However, there have also been allegations of disagreements between Apple and Verizon over potential handset pricing.”