Report: Apple planning for a Cloud-based future

Apple is reportedly planning to roll out new Cloud-based services for popular mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Indeed, Cupertino is currently looking to recruit iOS software engineers for two positions with an emphasis on remote storage for data access.

As AppleInsider’s Neil Hughes notes, some analysts view the latest recruitment efforts as “further evidence” of a possible upcoming Cloud-powered iTunes or other MobileMe-style service announcement from Apple.

Of course, the new dev positions could also be related to Cupertino’s strategy of bolstering its Cloud-centric TV – which is currently powered by Apple’s flagship mobile iOS. 

“Numerous reports have indicated that Apple is interested in creating its own Cloud-based iTunes service, which could allow users to stream their own music library from any Internet-connected device,” explained Hughes.

“It is believed that some of the functionality could come from Apple’s acquisition of Lala.”

Hughes also cited a recent e-mail allegedly sent by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, in which he supposedly pledged to significantly improve the company’s MobileMe service in 2011.

Although Apple has yet to confirm plans to expand its Cloud-based offerings, such a move would certainly be logical and could only serve to increase the company’s already profitable iTunes venture.

Personally, I suspect Cupertino is withholding any major Cloud-related announcement until its controversial exclusivity agreement with AT&T expires.

Realistically speaking, (3G) iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners would probably be more amenable to streaming music from the Cloud if they could choose to do it on say, Verizon.

Obviously, carrier exclusivity is irrelevant for desktop users of a Cloud-based iTunes, but Apple probably prefers to roll out a full-fledged service that offers multiple choices across various platforms. [[Apple]]