Report: Apple halts production of 27-inch iMacs

Apple has apparently been forced to temporarily halt production of its 27-inch iMac model.

HardMac attributed the embarrassing delay to reports of flickering displays and yellowish panels plaguing the 27-inch systems.  

“According to one of our sources, the company completely stopped the iMac 27′ assembling lines,” claimed Hardmac’s Lionel.

“Production will not resume before Apple has finally found a reliable and definitive fix for the remaining past (flickering displays) and new issues (yellowish panels) affecting those models.”

It should also be noted that Gizmodo recently posted an internal Apple document which outlined the Club Cupertino’s approach to the malfunctioning panels.

“Do not attempt a repair or replacement at this time. Explain that slight color variability is normal for LCD displays and in general does not warrant replacement,” read the alleged document.

“Customers who are concerned that their iMac has a yellow tint issue, and who provide contact information, will be contacted by Apple in approximately three weeks to arrange a LCD panel replacement.”