Report: Apple chooses AT&T and Verizon to bear its Holy Tablet

Apple has reportedly chosen AT&T and Verizon to bear its Holy Tablet to the adoring masses.

According to Clayton Morris of FoxNews, Saint Steven Jobs and his acolytes are currently in talks with both AT&T and Verizon to distribute the sacred device. 

“One version of the device will run on CDMA networks such as Verizon’s, and one will operate on GSM networks like that owned by AT&T,” claimed Morris. 

“The AT&T part isn’t surprising, given early reports that the tablet would rely on HSDPA, a feature used by AT&T that effectively doubles the speed of [its] 3G network.”

Morris explained that Verizon’s iteration of the tablet will feature built-in Wi-Fi utilizing the carrier’s hotspots for free data. As expected, the device will jump onto the 3G cellular network when it’s away from a hotspot. 

“This makes it easy and safe to connect to trusted Wi-Fi servers, and you’ll get a line-item for that data service on your cell bill. Basically you won’t need a home data modem service anymore.

Meanwhile, Kotaku reports that gaming will “most certainly” be a part of the tablet’s future, along with e-reader capabilities for magazines and books.

“The most obvious types of games we’ll see on the tablet will likely be ports or remakes of games that worked well on the iPhone,” opined Brian Crecente.

“Sure, the device is bigger, perhaps so big that you couldn’t hold it and play as you stand around, but I think there are plenty of games that could make the leap.”

Crecente added that various EA games would make a good fit for the as yet unnamed tablet, including The Sims, SimCity, Tiger Woods, Tetris, Spore and BattleForge.