Radio Shack opens up HTC Evo 3D pre-orders

Radio Shack has just given new teeth to the idea that Sprint’s HTC Evo 3D may soon be ready for prime time.

The retailer has begun taking pre-orders, though it is not aggressively advertising the device just yet. It lists a release window of this summer, so we could see it as early as late June.

It’s more likely that the ambitious glasses-free 3D phone will be eying a July launch date.

Radio Shack’s pre-order process is a bit weird – customers can purchase a $50 gift card, which puts their name on the pre-order list, and then when the phone comes out that $50 gift card can be used toward the phone.

Best Buy has also been accepting pre-orders for the phone since last month, but customers have to go into a store and specifically ask for the phone by name.

The Evo 3D is likely to be the first smartphone to use glasses-free 3D technology, a standard that gained a lot of attention with the launch of Nintendo’s 3DS system earlier this year. We took the Evo 3D for a test run earlier this year and were highly impressed with the small display’s ability to display depth on everything from photos taken with the camera’s 3D camera to pre-rendered theatrical movies.

For those who want a more exciting 3D presentation, all of the phone’s 3D content can be exported via its built-in HDMI port. When linked to a 3D TV, it will display the fullest 3D resolution picture possible, and will convert the content in real-time if the TV requires 3D glasses.