Push notifications come to Twitter on Android

Twitter has just updated its official Android app, bringing with it one of the most requested features from the Google mobile community.

Yes, push notifications are finally available. This means when users get a new Direct Message on the micro-blogging site, or there is some other activity with their account they want to be notified of, that information will now pop up on the Android status bar.

Previously, users had to set their app to manually refresh every few minutes or go into the app itself to get the latest updates. The new push notification feature puts it in line with the official Facebook Android app, where push notifications are now a standard feature.

Additionally, another welcome update is the ability to juggle multiple Twitter accounts from the same app. Many people now have multiple Twitter accounts to divide their activity between work and personal life, so the previous app’s limit of having one account open at a time was rather restricting.

There’s now seemingly no limit to the number of accounts you can have associated with your app. Toggling between accounts is as easy as tapping a button to bring up a new “Accounts” menu, at which point you click on the account you want to use. Just be careful you don’t post a message under the wrong account.

So get ready to spam away (er, that is, get ready to post more meaningful messages than ever before).

The new version of Twitter for Android is now available on the Android Market as a free download.