PSX emulator hits Android market

A $6 PSX emulator coded by ZodTTD has just hit the Android market, so get ready to relive those old Playstation memories of yours!

Of course, as Phandroid’s Quentyn Kennemer notes, the hobbyist-oriented emulator is best suited for newer, souped-up smartphones.  

“[Well], it’s not the smoothest on all devices – you’re definitely going to need a recent high-end handset to make the most out of the experience – but it’s definitely more than we could [have] imagined at this point,” wrote Kennemer.

“[Still], I can’t help but [think] this won’t be the most elegant experience on a mobile phone: there are just not enough physical buttons on a phone to emulate the original analog stick-equipped DualShock, and the screen real-estate needed to implement a software-based solution might not be the best for everyone.”

Nevertheless, Kyle Gibb of Android Central believes the emulator is probably the “easiest way” to play PS1 classics on the go.

“This is still version 1.0 software, so there seems to be a couple bugs that users on AppBrain have mentioned. [But I have] no doubt the developer will be releasing patches to address those issues.”

Psx4droid features include:

  • Support for WiiMote.
  • Multiple save states.
  • Support for various file types.
  • Trackball used as d-pad. 

And remember folks, you’ll need a PS BIOS file and ROMs in order to use the emulator.