Predictive Analytics in real-time with Wynyard ACA

As early as in 2002, the concept of predictive analytics was introduced to the world by Steven Spielberg through his movie Minority Report. Tom Cruise starrer movie set in 2054, popularized the technology that could detect and prevent crimes even before they occurred. The technology was rightly shown, only the time frame was not. Nevertheless, we don’t have to wait until 2054 to witness a crime preventing technology.

With the advancement in science and technology, our scientists introduced predictive analytics to us in real-time much before Spielberg or anyone else could have thought. Who knew that one day terrorism and crime would become so hazardous to our society that we would need technology more than manual power to fight back.

In addition to regulating crimes across the globe, monitoring and analyzing them is also important. One such company that has been constantly trying to diminish crime from the world is Wynyard ACA. Wynyard’s Advanced Crime Analytics software is investigative analytics software that detects and prevents crime. The software is a perfect example of predictive analytics technology.

Advanced Crime Analytics (ACA) analyzes crimes and criminals, traffic and quality of life issues, and disorders. It can be used for criminal investigation and prosecution, crime prevention and reduction of crimes, patrolling activities, and problem solving.

The software allows law enforcement personnel to understand different types of data formats in a much simpler and less time consuming way. ACA collects all types of data such as CCTV clippings, GPS information, emails or chats, phone calls or text messages, social media data or any word files, but presents only the relevant actionable insights in front of the personnel. This is done via collecting enormous amount of data from a lot of sources and then processing the same using Machine Learning. The process allows to establish patterns of criminal activities or behaviors of criminals that could have escaped the naked eyes of human beings.

Social media plays a vital role in predicting crime or catching the criminal. ACA is capable of recognizing keywords, slangs or conversations based on the geographies or topics that need to be monitored. This is especially important to gather leads out of tweets or conversations on any social media platform. The software alerts when some unfamiliar activity is found, enabling the security personnel to act accordingly.

The software is dependent on not just one technology, it is made to amalgamate various advanced technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, and text analytics along with statistics. Criteria for detecting changes in data can be encoded using the rules engine. The software comes with in-built triggers and alerts that can identify if a situation has or is likely to occur, that warrants further investigation. It is geared towards battling all emerging trends in organized & transnational crime, new generation extremism, high consequence cyber-crime, human trafficking, gun crime, financial scams and more.

Wynyard ACA has built this software in accordance to the future needs. It is capable of combining comprehensive tasking and scheduling and features a full text search engine, and context aware visualization. The prediction model of the software is combined with other groundbreaking technologies to fight crime faster.