PNC Bank launches mobile check deposits

PNC Bank has become the latest to accept check deposits from a smartphone or tablet.

The Pittsburgh-based financial institution launched the feature on iOS today. It works by letting users log into their checking or savings account, then taking pictures of the front and back of the check.

The same kind of technology used for ATM deposits analyzes the check to automatically identify its account and routing numbers, as well as the dollar amount. It must be able to identify all of this information or the deposit will be rejected.

PNC, which has been criticized for its anti-consumer attitude and worst-in-class assessment of fees, has been trying to turn its image around. This is the latest move in that direction.

However, PNC isn’t the first to offer this service. Chase became the flagship bank when it launched mobile deposits through its iPhone app last year. It has since brought the feature to Android as well.

Additionally, online money sending service Paypal rolled out mobile check deposits to its iPhone app earlier this month.

PNC first introduced the feature to select business and Virtual Wallet customers last month. Today’s announcement brings it to everyone with a PNC account that can accept check deposits at an ATM.

“There has been unprecedented change in consumer preferences and customers’ relationship with their money. Mobile deposit is another way that PNC makes it easier for customers to achieve their financial goals with innovative products and new technology,” said PNC senior VP Tom Kunz in a statement.