Plucky Palm predicts Pre has bright future

Plucky little Palm  turned in a loss of $105 million on revenues in its fourth quarter of $86.8 million, but predicted a bright future ahead because of its Palm Pre product.

CEO Jon Rubinstein said the introduction of Palm webOS and Palm Pre represented a major milestone for the firm. “We have now officially re-entered the race,” he said. He said a large group of developers will build applications for Palm webOS. The product pipeline “will set a standard for the industry.”

Palm shipped 351,000 smartphone units in its fourth quarter – that’s a year on year decline of 62 percent.

While there does seem to be a large number of developers wanting to crack on and write apps, they’re going to have to wait, because it’s emerged that the building blocks they’ll need won’t be available for a month or two.

Palm is the underdog in the smartphone market but it has a heap of devoted fans who swear by it, and not at it.