Plants vs Zombies comes to Android

The classic game of pitting cartoony undead against pea-shooting shrubbery has finally found a home on Android.

Plants vs Zombies is now available for Google’s mobile operating system. The game, which first came out as an online Flash game a couple years ago, became a runaway success and quickly shot to status as one of the top sellers when it was repackaged as an iPhone app.

It was the Angry Birds before Angry Birds. With the quirky concept, cutesy graphics, and easy-to-play-but-impossible-to-master gameplay, there were a lot of reasons to like it.

Since being released on the iPhone, publisher PopCap has also brought the title to game consoles, including the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade, and the Nintendo DS.

So at this point it is kind of old news, but for Android users who still haven’t experienced the awesomeness of setting up a garden of sunflowers to prevent a zombie apocalypse, it is finally available.

And as part of PopCap’s Amazon initiative, the game is available exclusively through the Amazon Appstore for now. That means users will have to go to, or download the Amazon Appstore app, to get the game. It is not available on the Android Market.

The Android game has a price tag of $2.99, but for those who are eager enough to head to the Appstore today, they can grab it for free. Tomorrow it will shoot up to the normal $2.99 fee. Be sure you check the compatibility, though, because the game will only work with the newest Android phone models.