Pioneer enters Blu-ray 3D race

It took a while, but Pioneer has finally launched its first set of Blu-ray 3D players, offering customers the class and elegance it is known for in its electronics. And, get this, there’s iPhone support.

Part of the company’s “Elite” brand, the BDP-41FD and BDP-43FD are built with high-grade components, integration to home automation set-ups, and of course the snazzy “Elite” letters emblazoned on the front.

Meanwhile, the BDP-430 is a standard, non-Elite Blu-ray 3D player. But it has pretty much the same features. All three have built-in memory so they can remember where you left off with every Blu-ray movie you stop part way through.

They all also have Ethernet ports for Internet connectivity, with wireless possible via an adapter at extra cost. Additionally, Pioneer’s slate of Internet TV apps are here, including YouTube, Netflix, and Pandora.

The coolest part, though, is that all three have support for Apple’s iOS platform. That means you can control your movies and other content with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. In other words, it’s just further proof that before too long you’ll be able to do everything with your iPhone.

The new Pioneer Blu-ray 3D players are probably a bit too late for the holiday shopping season, but they’re available nonetheless. The BDP-430 carries a $299 price point, while the Elite BDP-41FD and BDP-43FC retail for $399 and $499, respectively. The latter throws in an “armored chassis” for the extra $100. That’s for all your Blu-ray viewers who take your players with you to war zones and sewage treatment plants. I guess. [[Blu-ray]]