Pioneer enters 3D market with Blu-ray players

Because the 3D takeover of the world won’t be complete under every consumer electronics manufacturer puts out a line of 3D products, Pioneer has unveiled its flagship 3D-enabled Blu-ray players that also come with expanded online connectivity.

The announcement came at this week’s Cedia expo, a trade show focused on the display market which has been dominated by 3D products. Tech news site The Inquirer reports that Pioneer will be launching one Blu-ray 3D player under its branding and two under its “Elite” label.

Like all new Blu-ray players, these devices will also be able to connect to the Internet and provide users with seamless streaming content from Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, and other online services.

Pioneer did not reveal any pricing details on its upcoming 3D players, but the company is known for usually going above the average price on the market. Its TVs comprise some of the highest-priced models in the industry.

“While we are certainly not the least expensive, we are always pursuing our goal to be the best,” Pioneer EVP Russ Johnston reportedly said at the Cedia event.

Pioneer still has no 3D TVs on the market, but users can connect any 3D Blu-ray player to any 3D TV. The company did not announce when its first 3D offering will actually be on the market.