Phone lets you kiss and make up

Paris (France) – Who else but a Frenchman would decide that a phone needs the ability to send kisses?

Self-styled freelance inventor Georges Koussouros has developed a mobile equipped with a pair of lips that lets you send real kisses down the line.

When the user kisses the device, it detects the pressure, percussion speed, temperature and sucking force of the kiss, and transmits the data to the loved one at the other end of the line, where the kiss is reproduced exactly.

Kisses can be repeated, left as a message and even relayed to other people. Koussouros even envisages a “kiss bank” allowing users to receive a kiss from Madonna or other stars.

Koussouros has already developed an eclectic range of inventions, most of which are rather less romantic than the KissPhone. They include a new type of fertiliser packaging and a self-bolting door.