People will dump their Crackberry for an iPhone

Four out of 10 Blackberry users are tempted to switch to an iPhone while iPhone users are fanatically loyal to the Apple device.

That’s according to a survey by Crowd Science. The CEO of the outfit, John Martin, claimed that the results “reflect the great challenges Blackberry faces in stemming the iPhone stampede.”

The survey shows that only 14 percent of non-Blackberry smartphone users will buy another Blackberry. And 82 percent of iPhone users are loyal followers of the Apple fashion.

The survey also shows that people using iPhones use a wide range of the functions available on the phone, including email, GPS, wi-fi and Internet access.

And iPhone users appear to be far happier with their machines than Blackberry users are, according to the survey. They like the screen size, the way you can navigate on the iPhone, the large number of add-ons and video playback.

Rather than being restricted to a bunch of fanboys, 71 percent of owners of smartphones use them for business and pleasure.