PayPal showcases "bump to pay" for Android

PayPal is showcasing its peer-to-peer NFC platform at MobileBeat 2011.

The Android widget allows users to remit or receive payment in a matter of seconds by simply tapping together two Samsung Nexus S phones. 

“You have to use it to believe it, but with a simple ‘buzz’ you’ll be able to transact with friends, family, colleagues and employees easier than ever before,” explained Laura Chambers, senior director of PayPal Mobile.

“Sometimes the most obvious solutions are the most elegant. We’ve been looking at NFC technology for a while and saw a tremendous opportunity to combine the best of NFC and the best of PayPal.”

Chambers was also quick to note that the NFC platform was “just one” of the many ways PayPal was using different technologies to change the way people pay and get paid.

PayPal’s NFC platform for Android mobile smartphones is slated to be released this summer. 

Unfortunately, it remains unclear if Apple’s next-gen iPhone will support NFC payments. Many analysts believe Cupertino is biding its time until NFC manages to achieve critical mass in the mobile market. 

In theory, “bump to pay” NFC  seems like a sure winner, but a company like PayPal is probably incapable of promoting mass adoption of the technology.

The real key to NFC’s success is likely to be support of the platform at retail chain stores such as Target, Best Buy and of course, supermakets. If it takes off there, mass market adoption in the United States probably won’t be that far behind.