Pandigital launches new e-reader, but no one cares

If you’re a largely unknown company and you had been working on an Android tablet, right now would be about the worst time to launch it.

But it’s really no fault of Pandigital that its new Supernova tablet has just been released.

The Supernova has a 1 GHz processor, 4 GB of internal storage, and an 8-inch display. For the most part, these specs are on the low end, but so is the device’s price. It’s just $230.

Now, that would have been a pretty great price a few weeks ago. But something industry-changing happened earlier this month. Amazon announced a little produce called the Kindle Fire.

At only $199, the Kindle Fire is the unquestionable leader in price for performance. After all, it has a dual-core processor and a finer resolution display.

In fact, it’s been reported that Amazon may even be taking a loss at each unit sold, in the hopes of upselling customers to buy Amazon digital services on the device.

With a business model like that it’s pretty darn hard to compete, and that’s one of the reasons people are looking to the Kindle Fire as the iPad killer we’ve been waiting for since last year.

So it’s not a good situation for Pandigital. The Supernova is likely to be one of the first casualties of the new Amazon tablet.