Palm Treo Pro connects with Sprint

Sunnyvale (CA) – If you are looking forward to a new Palm phone, then you are most likely waiting for the Palm Pre. But if you need a phone for your business and you have used a Palm Treo before, then the Treo Pro may be just what you are looking for. The phone will surface at Sprint, for $200, on March 15.
The smartphone will be offered with a two-year agreement and $200 in rebates ($100 mail-in-rebate), as long as you choose Sprints all-you-can-eat $100-per-month voice and data plan or a data plan that is priced from $30 per month.

The Treo Pro isn’t as sleek as an iPhone or any other newer-generation touchscreen smartphone, but it has a traditional Treo QWERTY keypad, runs Windows Mobile 6.1, supports Wi-Fi and 3G (EV-DO). If you prefer to own the Pro without a service agreement, you can still purchase the unlocked device for $550. But, in that case, you will have to choose a GSM carrier.