Palm to open app store, take 30 percent cut of all sales

Sunnyvale (CA) – Palm is the latest outfit to jump on the app store bandwagon with its Palm App Catalog beta program, scheduled to start in mid September.

From today, developers who wish to charge for their Palm webOS applications can begin submitting them for consideration in the Palm App Catalog. Developers selected to participate in the beta program will have the opportunity to have their applications, both free and paid, featured in the Palm App Catalog ahead of the next wave, and to be among the first to be paid for purchases of their Palm webOS applications.

Palm will take a 30 percent cut of gross revenues generated through application sales, putting the company in line with the terms at Apple’s App Store.

Developers will still have the choice of giving apps away for free and Palm says more details will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. The company expects to launch the full developer program in the United States this fall.

Palm says it will accept apps into the beta test program based on the following criteria:

  • Apps should be useful and engaging to users.
  • They need to have an appealing design and user interface aligned with Palm UI guidelines.
  • They are written specifically for webOS and not delivered through the browser.
  • They leverage webOS platform and device capabilities, for example, notifications, multitasking / background processing, location services, accelerometer.
  • They have acceptable performance and response time on the device; apps with slow UI response or sluggish performance will be rejected. Applications that consume excessive power on the device will also be rejected. 

“We’re rolling out the submission process and e-commerce capabilities of the Palm App Catalog with careful consideration for both the developer and customer,” said Katie Mitic, senior vice president, Product Marketing at Palm.

“We want every part of the Palm webOS experience to be the best, and a strong e-commerce model is key to a thriving developer community, great apps and an excellent customer experience.”

More information about how to submit an application for the beta e-commerce program, along with criteria for application acceptance, is available on the Palm Developer Network blog.