Palm Pre could launch on May 17

Chicago (IL) – Palm’s most important product in more than a decade is rumored to be introduced in May. Blogs are reporting that company memos have arrived in Sprint stores and the company may be gearing up for a launch as early as May 17.

At this time, the information can be described a rumor at best, but if true, then Palm may be able to have an interesting product available for sale before Apple will launch its (also rumored) new iPhone in June. The memos apparently talk about a preliminary launch date of May 17, if Palm is able to deliver enough Pres that would support a nationwide introduction. If Palm can’t deliver enough units, the launch may be delayed to June 29, the reports suggest.

Not surprisingly, Palm declined to comment, but we were told before that the smartphone would launch in the first half of the year. It is more than likely that we will see the device on or before June 29.

Palm has high hopes for the Pre. The creator of the Palm Pilot and the company that is generally considered to have introduced the first true smartphones (Treo series in 2001, then introduced by Handspring, which was later acquired by Palm) needs a successful product after the most recent Treos have lost much of their original appeal against the iPhone and Blackberrys.