Palm is fed up with Microsoft Windows Mobile

Palm has finally pulled the plug on the Windows Mobile operating system after years as a valued customer.

The announcement  will be a blow for Microsoft which has been seeing people migrate away from its Operation System faster than a herd of wildebeeste being tailed by a pride of lions which have been on a yoghurt a day diet for six months.  

Palm adopted Windows Mobile back in 2005 as a way to help boost its sales to enterprise customers.  But since Palm announced webOS, its own mobile operating system the writing was on the wall for Microsoft.

Speaking at its quarterly earnings conference call Palm’s chief executive Jon Rubinstein said that the company was going to focus exclusively on the that is behind its Pre and Pixi handsets.

Rubinstein was fairly confident because Palm was seeing stronger than expected demand from the business community for the Pre.

Palm sold 823,000 smartphones, up 134 per cent on the last quarter, largely because buyers held off from purchases while waiting for the Pre. However, year on year sales were down 30 per cent.