Overclocker revs Evo 4G to 1.267GHz

An overclocker known as Coolbho3000 has managed to rev his Evo 4G to a cool 1.267GHz from the stock 998 MHz.

“Linpack results jumped from ~6.9MFLOPS to ~8.8MFLOPS. That’s almost a 30% increase in speed,” he confirmed in an Xda-Developers forum post.

“The SetCPU long benchmark jumped by a substantial amount too! It’s a fairly straightforward modification, but overclocking does require a slight voltage increase over stock.”

Coolbho3000 also noted that the advent of Froyo (Android 2.2) would undoubtedly help to significantly increase the Evo’s default and overclocked speeds.

“And we can even undervolt/underclock to save battery (we all know the battery life on the EVO isn’t exactly the best)!

“This *should* also work on the HTC Incredible, because they both use very similar silicon, but there are no guarantees – the Nexus can’t get this high, for example.”