Overclocked NOOKcolor runs at a cool 1 GHz

A talented XDA Dev team member has coded a sweet overclocking patch that revs the $250 NOOKcolor to a cool top speed of 1 GHz.

As Lilliupting’s Brand Linder notes, the color version of Barnes & Noble popular e-reader is proving to be an Android tablet hacker’s “dream.”

Indeed, the OS can be easily rooted, allowing ambitious modders to install third-party apps and even run Ubuntu Linux.

So, how does the above-mentioned overclocking patch work?

Well, NOOKcolor owners can download a custom kernel here (yes, you’ll need to be rooted), which boosts the default 800 MHz clock speed to 900 MHz-1 GHz.

Although the latter speed is possible to achieve, a number of users have reported system instability at 1 GHz, leaving most to settle for a still reasonable 900 MHz.

Interestingly enough, the custom kernel actually reduces voltage while increasing speed, enabling Nook owners to run a faster tablet/e-reader with longer battery life. [[Nook]]