Why WikiLeaks will never die

Human beings are hopelessly binary. Most perceive the world as a static equation populated by two, absolutist variables.

This rigid approach is propagated by leaders of religion, secular ideology and government, all of whom exploit human weakness to perfect a system of control.

Examples include: Heaven/hell, Good/Bad, peasant/noble, cop/criminal, Rapture/Disaster, permitted/forbidden, soldier/civilian, ruling party/opposition, hero/villain, Democrat/Republican.

Predictably, both the defenders and opponents of WikiLeaks have adopted this flawed binary model.

Indeed, absolutist opinions on the subject are vouchsafed in a pedantic, yet burlesque display of shameless sophistry.

The reality of WikiLeaks, however, is more complex, and should not be subjected to conventional analysis that seeks either to vindicate or condemn.

To be sure, WikiLeaks cannot be defined as a “Good” or “Bad” entity, for it is neither.  

Rather, the organization is simply executing a “function-call” as it attempts to restore a state of homeostasis to a system that has fallen out of sync.

Still, WikiLeaks can hardly be described as altruistic or benign. 

Inebriated with power, the group has unwittingly become part of the system it seeks to destroy and remake in its own image. 

Clearly, WikiLeaks is tainted by the same corruption and hypocrisy it loudly condemns.

Yet, the ideology of WikiLeaks will never die.

Other individuals and groups can be expected to carry the banners of Enlightenment and Renaissance forward as they attempt to bring order to chaos, and chaos to order.

So, what are you waiting for?

Cast off those binary shackles! 

The digital Übermensch beckons.

Are you ready?