Why Are Swiss Watches The Best & Why Are They So Expensive?

It is no longer news that Switzerland makes some of the best wristwatches, and with clear evidence like Patek Philippe watches, one would be curious why the best watches come from that region. As a matter of fact, a watch can only be referred to as “Swiss made” if it meets certain sets of conditions by law, and this includes being of swiss origin, located within Switzerland, with the final inspection of the product done by the manufacturer in the same land. 

Some of the world’s well-crafted and reliable products have the “Swiss made” label on them but beyond the law that binds this is the top-notch skill and many other interesting facts that make their products the best.

This article will focus on why Swiss watches are the best and why they are so expensive. 

What Makes Them the Best?

1. Standard of Mechanism

The “Swiss made” watches are made with metal gears and stronger materials, which makes them last many lifetimes without wearing out.

2. Made of Surgical Steel

“Swiss made” watches are known to be made with 316L surgical steel, also referred to as the marine grade stainless. This surgical steel exhibits good strength and is resistant to corrosives. This means these “Swiss made” watches cannot easily tarnish.

3. Made with a Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire crystal is durable, as it is second to diamond in its hardness. This makes the “Swiss made” watches resistant to scratches.

4. The Art of Watchmaking

Switzerland has kept its reputation of being the best watchmakers for years, as they have proven to be ambitious and determined to be consistent in their iconic path. They do not settle for less, which is why every wristwatch made must meet the set conditions before they can be certified as “Swiss made”. Every wristwatch that has met all conditions to be called “Swiss made” would end up being nothing less than exceptional

What Makes Them Expensive?

When you sum up all the reasons why they are the best, it only makes sense that they are expensive. The high-quality standards used to manufacture these wristwatches and careful attention to detail give them that luxury look. “Swiss made” wristwatches are timeless, innovative and uniquely handcrafted by the best craftsmen. It also takes a longer time to be manufactured, compared to standard wristwatches. 

Every “Swiss made” wristwatch has been designed not to be a temporary accessory like others but to last generations. 

While all these are valid reasons to make them the best and the most expensive, we must also consider the unmatchable and unbeatable brand reputation that has been built for decades. If not anything, being a “Swiss made” should contribute to the price. 


Are “Swiss made” wristwatches worth it? Absolutely. They are a worthy investment and the perfect hand-me-down property that cannot be defeated. You might not consider it worth your dollars but bear in mind that when you wear one, you are wearing one of the best wristwatches in the world that has the perfect blend of style and technology.