What are the Top Five Cocktail Recipes?

The origin of the cocktail is a little bit blurred but the trend is definitely popular in this day and age. Many bartenders tend to incorporate their creativity in cocktail making and exhibit playful presentations. Fortunately, it is pretty much possible for us to pull off these recipes as well.

Making an ideal cocktail is the best way to impress someone but only if it has been made correctly. From Margaritas to Coolers, you don’t have to be professional to get it right. You can even try the drinks found here.

Here are some general tips that must be followed to make your own cocktail:

● The cocktail menu must be planned in advance. Calculate the amount of liquor and all other ingredients that will be needed. A bar that is overstocked is better than just running out of it.

● Bar must be entirely ready. Juices must be squeezed, garnishes must be prepared and the glasses must be laid out to make the whole process of mixing quicker.

● Make sure you have access to a lot of clean ice. Stock up loads of ice because more the merrier.

● Once you have had your hands on ice, fill up the glasses. This is the first thing to learn when mixing a drink. Ice will go in the glass first followed by other ingredients.

● There are other integral elements as well that enhances the overall level of cocktail such as oranges, mint leaves, lemons, kiwi fruit and strawberries.

● In order to enhance its visual appeal, use colored flavored spirits.

Here are the top five cocktails that individuals can try at home:

1. Caprioska

This is one of the simplest cocktails that is provided in most of the restaurants and cafes. It consists of three basic ingredients: vodka, lime and sugar. Mint leaves can be added to enhance its freshness.

2. Mojito

Mojito as its foundation laid on rum which makes it highly desirable amongst cocktail lovers. The origins can be traced back to Havana. More freshness can be added to this cocktail by addition of lime and mint.

3. Cosmopolitan

This blush red mixture tends to bring families together. Surprisingly, it is one of the easiest brews to make at home just using a handful of ingredients. The basic ingredients consists of lime, vodka and cranberry juice. Slice of lemon can be added on the rim of glass to enhance its visual appeal.

4. Bloody mary

This attractive cocktail can accompany you for a boozy brunch. It features a spicy undertone with its foundations laid on vodka base. Interesting elements such as tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and zing of Tabasco.

5. Pina colada

Nothing can match the level of freshness Pina colada offers. It is a combination of cream, coconut and pineapple which is blended with rum and ice. It is in fact one of the most popular cocktails which can easily be found anywhere. It is now even available in form of juices in tetra packs.