The social push for lab grown meats

Lately scientists in Europe have been pushing the idea of lab grown meat in their research. It seems like they are suggesting that one day we will all have to accept a lower quality of life just to be socially responsible.

And the big thing with the socially responsible crowd is being “green.” So it should come as no surprise that scientists are starting to play around with creating lab grown meat. I mean, aren’t capitalist people and their evil desire to eat meat mostly responsible for killing our mother earth?


Of course I don’t really believe such sentiments myself, but that seems to be what the environmental extremists seem to think. They view humans like a virus that does nothing but infect everything that was once pure and earthy.


And the latest thing that regular people are supposed to be ashamed of is their meat consumption. Supposedly livestock pollute too much, so that’s another industry the climate change/global warming crowd is blaming for the rapid (hardly) destruction of Earth. That is why we have been hearing about the development of lab meat and lab burgers recently. It’s another attack on the industrialized world’s standard of living.


And a lot of people who belong to this group are also animal extremists too. So it’s no shock that PETA is already funding researching into lab grown meat, they’d like to see the meat industry abolished altogether. Don’t you know the concept of animals eating other animals to sustain themselves is completely evil, even if it’s been going on for hundreds of millions of years?  


All of this recent research into producing lab grown meat to save the environment and “feed the world” is a technological trend that we can do without. Experts are predicting the world’s population will grow too fast in the next couple of decades and their figures tell them there will not be enough livestock to feed everyone who eats meat in their diet.


So following the logic of the lab meat scientists, it makes more sense to create fake meat then it does to support the meat industry through free markets and consumer choice.


And how do they really know that there won’t be enough real meat in the next few decades? Based on speculation are we supposed to move away from real meat to be more socially responsible?

What if some really wealthy companies hear that there might be a meat shortage one day, and pump a ton of money in the meat industry so that they can make a profit and keep the real meat industry healthy for the next 50 years? What if people all over the US support their local farmers enough in the next few decades so that the shortage of meat doesn’t happen to them locally? Then what?


The speculation over the damage that humans are causing to the earth is getting out of hand. Based on the experiences I’ve had and the knowledge I’ve gained; let me tell you how I see this lab meat thing playing out.


At first the social engineers will fund the lab meat research until they feel it’s time to really whore it out to the media. Then the “socially responsible” supporters of the fake meat will use their connections and bombard news outlets with neato reports on why us common folks will need to get used to a lower standard of living with no real meat. They will say that the masses are too dumb to understand why fake meat is for their own good.


Since people are so easy to deceive, lab meat will become a social movement pushed on society by the same people who push sin taxes on our living habits, and then the US government will find some way to get involved like they always do. The question is: what will they do? Will they push to save the traditional meat industry that built up our economy, or will they vilify it for political purposes?


All in all, I think the new trend of using laboratory technology is mostly geared towards conditioning the public to accept the day when we will all be eating tasteless protein gruel just to “save the environment.” How much do you want to bet that the socioeconomic elite would continue to eat real meat?


If it comes down to it I’ll just raise my own animals for slaughter. And if you want my cows and chickens you’ll have to pry them from my cold dead hands. I don’t buy most of the environmental hype about how the earth would be better off if humans never existed. Do you?