Story of the Cheese Cake

Cheese cake is a unique, unusual and special dessert. It is creamy and yummy at the same time. It is subtle in its sweetness. It is easy to eat for the very young and old alike. All ages in between gobble it down anyway. Cheese cakes make occasions special. They are filling enough and yet light on the tummy. So many good qualities all packed into that small piece of cheese cake. No wonder, cheese cakes are one of the most popular items ordered as desserts online.

The Cheese cake as we see it today has few key ingredients – cream cheese, cheese and a base made out of biscuits, bread, crackers or flour. These ingredients are used along with a range of flavors, fillings, toppings, essences to make some of the exotic and rage of cheese cakes that the world sees today. They are undoubtedly most frequently purchased on most order food online platforms.

The original Cheese cake was however not so complicated. It was a simple dish made with cheese pounded into paste mixed with honey and wheat flour. This whole mass was heated up in one go in a brass pan. Once cooled, this was demoulded to be cut and served as pieces of cheese cake. As far as written history of mankind and cheese cake goes, the earliest mention of it is from 230 A.D by a writer from Greece named Athenaeus. There are various kinds of proofs to state that the Cheese cake existed 2000 years before this time. That is a blog post for another day.

Story goes that the Romans conquered Greece and the cheese cake was one of the spoils of war. It was appreciated and carried forth wherever the Romans went. As the Roman Empire spread, so did the fan base of cheese cake lovers. Each nation under the ever expanding Roman Empire created its own version of the Cheese cake. The French, European and the Great Britain chefs went into a tizzy creating their own signature versions of cheese cakes to please royalty. Slowly and steadily the cheese cake made its way out of the royal households and into the lives of commoners.

The point is cheese cakes are a rage across the globe. They are ordered in troves from various desserts online apps. The current version of cheese cake which uses cream cheese is a huge innovation by the Americans. Rather, it is a major addition to this all time favorite dessert that has made the making of cheese cake a lot easier.

Many order food online players offer a range of cheese cakes. There are fruity flavors like raspberry, strawberry and local fruit based ones. There are also cocoa and coffee based ones. A few innovative chefs from around the world have used cheese cakes as their one weapon to dish out brand new desserts. The cheese cake has been used as a base to come up with some amazing fusion desserts. This trend is evolving as you read this blog.