Opinion: Waiting in line to buy burgers and iPads is uncool

People love to buy things, but their willingness to wait in long lines for the chance to purchase In-N-Out Burgers and iPads is getting ridiculous.

As far as I’m concerned people are now way too obsessed with buying things. This obsession with lining up just to make a purchase is at the point where it’s no longer cute. Now it’s just disturbing.

And I’m not just blowing smoke; I have a reason for feeling this way.

I don’t know if you heard, but in Texas In-N-Out Burger opened up its first franchises. No big deal right? People in Texas are used to beefy goodness by now.


Once people in Frisco and Allen Texas heard there was In-N-Out Burger in their state they started to line up for miles. Marketing works and apparently it’s pretty easy to condition people to line up like cattle.

According to Star Local News, people in the line began camping out Monday evening just to make sure they could get a burger in the AM. One group had a tent as well as a 32-inch television and Xbox with them to make their wait more enjoyable.

Some of these geniuses waiting in line even asked the Frisco In-N-Out’s store manager Scott Bayliss for an autograph.

“Our openings are always big, but I have never seen anything of this magnitude,” said Bayliss, who moved from California to Frisco to manage the restaurant. “At 10 a.m. we had cars lined up 150 deep in the drive-through line.”

As you can see from the footage in Allen, Texas there must be a lot of unemployed people or something in Allen because that is an insane amount of people waiting in line for burgers. And you know what’s sad? The In-N-Out Burger is a bit overrated.

When I lived in California I ate at In-N-Out a few times. Sure the burgers are tasty, but if any of those people who waited in line tried to tell you that the wait was worth it, they’d be lying.

I just can’t wrap my head around the mentality of people who wait in huge lines just to spend money. It’s the kind of thing that makes me sad to be an American sometimes.

We have three unpopular wars, our currency is being devalued at a rapid pace, and the economy could collapse into another great depression. But nobody lines up because they are concerned about those serious issues, hell no!

But if Apple decides to release another version of their popular iPad, well that’s a cause that people have time for. Time is a valuable commodity and people only want to sacrifice it for trivial things like consumerism.

Now I believe in free markets and capitalism, but come on. You always hear about people referring to others as sheep. And I’m sorry, if you are one of the people who will wait in line for hours for the opportunity to buy something just because it’s new, you’re a sheep person.

I’ve heard how people get upset when they wait in line at the Apple store and they are told that their coveted gizmo is sold out. The crowd releases a collective groan, and people get all bummed out because they have been denied the chance to spend hundreds of dollars.

And these same “hip” people have the nerve to complain about how the financial system is jacked up, yet they will practically beg Apple employees to take their money. That’s just too much for me to handle.

Some people think it’s cool and fun to wait in line for hours to spend their money. I think that those people are part of the problem in the dumbed down world we live in. The cult of conditioned consumers is one that really freaks me out.