Opinion: Police state doesn’t want dancing at the Jefferson Memorial

You may love cops, or you might hate them. Either way a new viral video shows that cops will not tolerate dancing at the Jefferson Memorial.

To use a line from U2: I can’t believe the news today; I can’t close my eyes and make it go away. That’s exactly how I felt when I came back from a little vacation to see that cops are now brutalizing people at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC.


Sometimes the world shocks you when you unplug for a bit. You come back and see some crazy police state garbage. And I’m sorry as a United States Marine Corps vet, this really pisses me off.

Why do we even fight anymore? It doesn’t protect our rights.


We all know that dancing is pretty much harmless. Sure we may have seen Footloose, but that was make believe, no one really thinks dancing is so evil that it requires police violence as a response.

US Parks Police in DC do not agree.

On Saturday a flash mob gathered at the Jefferson Memorial to protest a ruling by a federal judge, made in January this year, that dancing at the memorial is an illegal demonstration and not an expression of free speech. Their goal was to dance at the Jefferson Memorial in protest of how absurd the ruling is.

And as these people harmlessly danced with Jefferson’s statue looking on, the police began arresting them. But of course, they were just following orders.

They were following orders so well that they decided simply handcuffing some of the protesters was not enough. Nope when someone is silent and dances enthusiastically the proper response from US Parks cops is to slam them to the ground and put their hand around the offender’s throat.

One of the protestors in the video happened to be Adam Kokesh, a former US Marine who hosts a talk radio show called “Adam vs. The Man. Kokesh’s show airs on Russia Today, so thankfully the evils of US Parks police cannot be easily swept under the rug.

His video that documents the police brutality at the Jefferson Memorial currently has 641,462 views on YouTube and counting.

So while the United States was supposed to be honoring the sacrifices of Thomas Jefferson and countless others who came before us, the police at the Jefferson Memorial were spitting on the graves of those we were supposed to be honoring.

They say there will be an investigation of the officers in the video. Yeah, we’ll see if anything comes of that.

Personally, I don’t really care what the official reasoning is for making dancing at the Jefferson Memorial illegal. The monument was erected so that we could celebrate our freedom. Doesn’t anyone care about how wrong it is to ban dancing in a public place that is funded by our tax dollars?

Jefferson was a champion of The Constitution and especially The First Amendment. How do you think he would feel knowing that US Parks police have no idea what their badge is supposed to stand for?

I’m sorry but the whole I’m just following orders excuse is old and tired. That’s something that only cowards say. It’s just like punching your wife in the face and then saying, “oh, well she made me do it!”

We shouldn’t accept such a weak excuse as a reason for cops to brutalize harmless protesters at a monument that is dedicated to an advocate of free expression. There is nothing more American than protesting stupid laws that waste taxpayer money.

And if anyone is reading this, thinking that the cops were well within their rights to body slam and punch people for dancing in the Memorial, then you have no idea why the Jefferson Memorial is important.

If you’re one of those people then you need crack open some history books. My advice would be to stay away from the history books that the government and academic establishment push on us. Try reading some historians who aren’t completely in love with the government.

Then maybe you will understand why this viral video proves that we are living in a police state.