Opinion: More people should opt out of TSA scanners

The president of the Allied Pilots Association is urging to pilots to opt out of the naked body scanners, which are also known as Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT). This mass opposition to TSA porno scanners is one of the first steps in the right direction.


The right direction in this case is anything that will lead us towards questioning the presence of naked body scanners in airports. I would like to see them removed entirely.


The pilots association is urging their pilots to opt out because the scanners put their health at risk. Pilots get exposed to radiation every day and the APA wants their people to refuse to be exposed to anymore radiation before they get on their planes.


Even though the pilots association is mainly concerned with their people and not everyone else who walks through the scanners, the association’s suggestion of mass opting out is a good idea. Anyone who proposes resistance to being violated by machines is good to go in my book.


Pilots are not the only professionals who depend on the airline industry to do business. What about business people? I always see fancy dressed dudes at the airport and assume they are big time operators.


Can’t uptight business snobs direct their people to bitch about having to be scanned too? Some of those people who follow the money surely have to be fed up with being harassed on their way back from their business trips.


Rich people do run the world, if they start complaining about being degraded at airports maybe, just maybe the airports will listen. I doubt it but I think it’s worth a shot.


I don’t like to fly and thankfully my work currently doesn’t require me to travel by airplane. So I don’t really care what happens at airports until it directly impacts me baby.


I just would have thought by now that people who travel on airplanes all the time would be pissed off already. I cannot believe how much people rationalize these machines that jackasses can use to gawk at pictures of people’s sexual areas.


Dudes go through those things with their wives, parents go with their kids, and people just do as their told. They don’t get pissed and rebel by refusing to travel by airplane.


People should rebel against the sorry state of perversion the airports are in. I don’t have kids but I would think the degrading factor alone should be enough to make parents angry all over the place.


Instead I see a lot of over protective people who really believe degrading their kids at the hands of government thugs is the best thing for their character. If I had kids you can bet we’d be doing all of our traveling by good old fashioned automobile.


Road trips are much more fun than flying and it doesn’t expose your gonads to harmful radiation. I hope the mass opting out does not stop with the APA. The airline customer has more power to make changes to the industry than they think.


The airlines will do anything to get your money people, think about that.