Opinion: DHS and Wal-Mart team up straight out of 1984

They say truth is stranger than fiction. But what do you do when you wake up one day and the worst things from dystopian fiction have become real thanks to a blend of big government and totalitarian capitalism?

Our own dystopian future is coming and Wal-Mart has a big role in helping it along.


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano or Big Sis as the Drudge Reportcalls her is going to be greeting Wal-Mart shoppers on viewing screens in Wal-Marts across America.


Have you seen the video of Big Sis yet?

It should make you feel sick and your stomach should drop like you are on a big ass roller coaster at Cedar Point.

Unless you happen to be one of the sheeple drones who is already programmed to love everything the National Security empire does to protect you.

Then you might want to stop reading this right now. I don’t want to offend your delicate sensibilities because of some mean-spirited DHS bashing.

Anyways, I watched the video several times and boy was it unsettling.


I seriously had to rub my eyes to make sure this wasn’t some kind of DHS rick roll, but nope it’s really real.

The DHS, a taxpayer supported agency, is really filming propaganda videos aimed at making you distrust anyone who acts slightly different than you at freaking Wal-Mart.


Have you seen People of Wal-Mart? Yeah, most of our readers know that a large portion of people who shop at Wal-Mart regularly are outrageous and different, it doesn’t mean they should be reported to government thugs and subjected to questioning and harassment.


That’s what the DHS’s “Minister of National Security Propaganda” Napolitano is asking loyal Wal-Mart fans to do though. Spot out the ones who don’t act the way we command and drop the dime on them.


Everything about this video stinks. The tone of the piece reminds me of V for Vendetta where every so often the regime had to go on television over the public airwaves and release carefully crafted propaganda to mute the rebellious spirit of the governed and maintain total control of the people.


There is also the creepy flag in the video that is positioned next to Big Sis. Now I’m familiar with the good ol’ American flag because I’ve folded that bad boy up so many times in military service. But I am not familiar with the flag next to Big Sis.


My instinct tells me that it’s merely the DHS’s own flag that they use to differentiate themselves from numerous other government agencies.

You probably think I’m crazy so I’ll just go head and say it, I couldn’t shake the fact the flag REALLY reminded me of imagery from the iron curtain or fascist Germany. And they made sure to get it in the shot, so it wasn’t accidental; they wanted people to see the flag’s imagery. Is the DHS slowly preparing us for a merger that will create the Crony Capitalist Republic of Wal-Mart?

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if that’s what happened. First the DHS bombards Wal-Mart shoppers with government approved mind control on viewing screens, and then they bring Transportation Security Administration (TSA) style checkpoints to the front door of your local Wal-Mart all in the name of safety.

Another totalitarian measure carried out in the name of America’s safety. It could (and probably will) happen. Big Sis might not want people to shop for cheaply made Chinese products without making people show their papers first.

It sounds crazy to those who frequently bury their heads in the sand I’m sure, but they’ve already gone this far why would they stop now?

Seeing government agents working at Wal-Mart? That might have been a paranoid android thing to say 10 years ago, but now we are only a few steps away from seeing The TSA and National Guardsmen at your local Wal-Mart.

And in the meantime they are asking regular everyday people to report anything suspicious they see at Wal-Mart because until proven otherwise everyone is a threat to our glorious American (corporate) Empire.

It’s Wal-Mart today, but soon your favorite store could also be infected with the DHS stazi virus.