No, I will not play Halo Kinect

Yes, Microsoft may have purchased the domain, but I can tell you right now I will never, ever play a Kinect-based version of the game – if there is one.

And that is my final decision. So call me pathetic, really, call me what you will. Still, there isn’t much anyone can say or do to make me think otherwise at this point in time.

Yeah, I might be willing to reconsider when a third or fourth gen Kinect with advanced technology tips up, but until then?

No friggin’ way.

Simply put, playing Halo with a Kinect controller would be blasphemy. 

I mean, just couldn’t live with myself afterwards.


Because I know memories of the golden age of PC gaming would haunt my every waking moment.

Think about it. 

I witnessed the birth of the (modern) FPS genre in the form of id Software’s Wolfenstein and Doom.

I was also there, once, long ago, when Quake (OMG, OpenGL) made its glorious debut and stood, mouth agape, when Epic’s Unreal hit my 17-inch CRT.

Keyboard, mouse and controller – you are my Holy Trinity. 

I may not be a “classic” purist, and sure, maybe I’m getting old (ugh), but playing an FPS like Halo using Kinect, at least in its current iteration, just seems plain wrong to me.

OK, well, /rant. What do you think?

Would you play an FPS using Kinect?

 Be honest!