Does anyone else care about Monsanto?

Say what you want about the shady hacker collective known as Anonymous. At least they’re attempting to expose Monsanto’s evil mission to dominate the world’s food supply.

We reported on Anonymous and their offensive against Monsanto earlier this week. In a press release, Anonymous described Monsanto as “corrupt, unethical, and downright evil.”


They released the names, addresses and phone numbers of over 2,500 Monsanto staff and associates, and they also took down their website.


Hell, they even posted a video last month that supposedly shows a member of Anonymous executing a DDoS attack to bring Monsanto’s Website down. Though it seems that the tumblr account where I originally found the video was taken down today.


Like you, I have my doubts about Anonymous. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t agree with their reasons for going on the offensive against Monsanto.


Anonymous’ hacking efforts may seem like childish attention seeking behavior to most, but that doesn’t bother me.


What bothers me is that it seems like Anonymous is the one of the only groups of people concerned about Monsanto’s dirty deeds. It’s no secret that Monsanto is involved in numerous immoral acts, yet people seem all too happy to sit back and let Anonymous do all of the work.


Whoever Anonymous is, their concerns about Monsanto are justified. But why is a group of faceless hackers seemingly the only ones concerned with changing the status quo? The things that Monsanto gets away with are despicable and shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone.  


Monsanto has influence over the U.S. government and has gotten them to push their GM crops on their smaller less powerful trade partners. They also seem to be able to easily manipulate the regulatory agencies in the mighty U.S.A.


The agrochemical giant has been caught bribing government officials and has had to pay fines, and experts think their engineered crops are contaminating the natural crops around them. They’re also waging a war against small farmers and putting many of them out of business by suing them for “violating” patents.


All of these misdeeds are public knowledge, yet there are no taxpayer funded public campaigns to neutralize the threat that Monsanto poses to our personal liberties. You never hear Monsanto’s GM foods and pesticides brought up in all of the unhealthy eating habit pieces you see in the fawning corporate media.

Maybe we don’t care if the food supply is controlled by the same people who made agent orange?


It’s discouraging to think that the biggest anti-tyranny social movement is a collection of hackers who are afraid to show their faces. We should be able to make changes to the system and be able to show our faces.


But in the post 9/11 national security state activists get pummeled by riot squads, and they can’t show their faces. People are afraid of taking a few lumps I guess.


There is nothing wrong with being afraid, but there is something wrong with the fact that the biggest group who opposes Monsanto is one that we cannot fully authenticate.


Monsanto’s control over our food supply is no secret. We could be doing something about it at a community level, but we simply choose not to.