Analysis: Obama Administration lashes out at multimedia truth

The Obama administration has punished a veteran political reporter for showing the public that his own supporters are tired of his rhetoric.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, veteran political reporter Carla Marinucci was banished from the “print pool” for taking video of protestors at an Obama fundraiser. It was a $76,000 a ticket fundraiser.


Marinucci pulled out her phone because a group of Obama supporters in the audience who paid to get into the event were singing a song as a way to protest Obama’s tired rhetoric. These Obama supporters were fed up with being fed the same convenient quotes and phrases and they wanted to make sure the president knew.


Marinucci filmed the occurrence for whole world to see. It made the untouchable image of Obama look weak, and we just can’t have that now can we?

Now it’s sort of hard to tell the chain of events because the Chronicle article that talks about the event is a hard to follow rant, but it appears that as soon as the Obama regime found out about Marinucci’s video, she was banned from the print pool.


So much for the transparency we were promised right? If you make the emperor look bad you don’t get the special privilege of covering his events.


The official guidelines for being a part of reporter pool contradict themselves. It’s not clear if shooting video is ok, or if it’s not ok. It basically says you can’t hoard information, but that reporters may shoot pictures or video.


Marinucci was singled out because the Obama administration doesn’t want the world to see the truth. He is in the beginning stages of his reelection campaign, and he can’t have people out there showing the truth via smartphone video.


And the truth I speak of is that even Obama’s own supporters are tired of his shtick. People had the nerve to compare this guy to MLK and now that he has had time to show people what he is all about, his own supporters don’t like what they see.


I don’t think MLK would punish people for telling the truth.


I mean let’s take a minute to think about what this really says. There are people who support Obama, yet they are so unhappy with the job he is doing, that they are willing to spend $76,000 a head just to make sure he sees how unhappy they are with the job he is doing.


That’s pretty crazy when you think about it. This was a very significant event, and the Obama regime is upset that the whole world got to see it. They probably would have preferred to keep it a secret.


This is another attempt to control information and it is coming from the guy who promised that if you elected him he wouldn’t do things like this. There is no excuse for this crap. It reminds one of a dictatorship.


If Obama’s message seems fake to his own supporters the world has a right to know about it. The sad thing is that come election time the Chronicle will still probably endorse Obama for president in 2012. Not to make fun of San Francisco, but they don’t seem like the type to rebel against their liberal savior.  


Or maybe the Chronicle could prove me wrong and show that they have some journalistic integrity and decide to endorse anyone other than Obama in 2012. Heck maybe they could support the third party candidate. Groovy San Fran might have done something like that in the 60’s.


Either way it’s pretty clear that the Obama administration doesn’t give a damn about the truth. All they care about is preserving the myth of Obama. And they’ll fight a war on information to do it.