Analysis: Is Bill Gates’ funding of media slanting their objectivity?

Bill Gates is filthy stinking rich. But, did you know that he likes to use his vast fortune to influence media coverage and public opinion?

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is well recognized for their fight against global disease. According to The Seattle Times they have also been funding several news reports as well. They also say that the giant philanthropy organization has become a force in journalism.


The foundation has given grants to media elite such as ABC and the Guardian. Of course this raises questions about conflict-of-interest, and it makes you wonder: Can the reporting be unbiased when they’re reporting on the people pulling the financial strings?


Besides direct the funding of news media the organization also puts a lot of money into other ways to influence public opinion. They spend millions of dollars on programs that train journalists. They’ve also spent about a billion dollars in the last ten years on something they call “advocacy and policy.”


Their “advocacy and policy” is basically just investment in finding ways to influence policymakers and the public. It is more or less a huge public relations campaign to get people to support the ideas of the foundation.


Those ideas include things like supporting genetically modified crops, massive vaccination, and technological fixes for health problems. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has about $60 billion in assets to use to manipulate the opinion of people all over the world.


You may be wondering: What’s wrong with geeky Bill Gates wanting to use his power to help poor people all over the world? Well Bill Gates has a weird viewpoint on how to best help impoverished nations.


Not only is Gates controlling how media reports on his charity causes, he also holds the opinion that we can control population through vaccines and health care.

Say what?

Yes, according to Bill Gates the world is being populated too fast and that is big reason why there is climate change. Eco fascists like Gates think that too many people are going to kill the earth or something like that.


It sounds crazy, but watch this video and then you tell me what the man is trying to say. To me it sounds like he his suggesting that somehow vaccines and the healthcare system will curb population, therefore reducing the harm caused to the Earth by climate change.


Maybe it was designed to be a subtle message, or maybe he misspoke, but it sure as hell sounds like Bill Gates is interested in controlling the population. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though because hardcore environmentalists have always had contempt for those who don’t properly worship mother earth as they do.


Bill Gates’ philanthropy is nice but wouldn’t it be better if he just randomly donated money where he thought it was needed instead of using his fortune to shape the world in his image?


We shouldn’t expect any of the news media that Gates funds to be objective or nonbiased. We should also be skeptical of what Gates’ beliefs about the environment are. He is another member of the socioeconomic who only pays attention to what the climate change advocates say. You would think a genius like Bill Gates would pay a little more to the voices in academia that question the legitimacy of the climate change advocacy.


It’s probably a pretty safe bet that Gates’ funding of media silences the climate change skeptics. With people like Bill Gates now gaining financial control of the media, you can probably kiss real public debates about important social and economic issues goodbye. The elite don’t like to listen to opinions that challenge their supremacy.