6 Attractive Makeup Tips for Men

The belief that makeup is only for women to beautify themselves has become primitive. Men in movies and on television use men’s makeup regularly, but, the fad has been spreading to men generally all over the world thanks to brands like Differio. Female beauty blogs are popular all over the internet but we do not find a lot of these blogs for men. So, in compensation, here are some attractive tips on makeup for men:

Prepare the face

The best kinds of face for a flawless makeup look include clean-shaven ones or those with a well-trimmed beard or stubble with sharp lines. The initial preparation steps include:

  • Exfoliation, must be done once every two weeks
  • Toning, just before applying makeup to remove excess dirt from pores
  • Moisturizing, just before applying makeup
  • Priming, to ensure the makeup is long-lasting

Conceal the flaws

Differio makes concealer for men specifically, that is different from that used by predominantly female brands in composition. Use this concealer for men, to hide all the facial flaws. The appropriate concealer helps cover up under-eye bags, skin discoloration, blemishes, pimples and acne scars.

Apply Base

Foundation for men is also compositionally different from foundation for women, due to the difference in their average skin types. Apply the foundation using a wet sponge, a foundation brush, or, simply apply in spots all over the face and blend with a beauty blender. Wait a couple of minutes for the foundation to set on the face before moving forward with the rest of the routine. Light or medium coverage foundation is ideal for the winters and for a routine with light physical exertion. Heavy coverage foundation is best for hot, humid weather and for work that requires great physical work-load

Sculpting the Face

Apply contour powder/cream on the cheekbone, the sides of the nose-bridge and under the chin. Highlight the cheeks, bridge and tip of the nose and the forehead. Using eyebrow powder on the beard or stubble can give the illusion of a thicker beard, with sharp lines.


Use eye-cream daily for fresher looking eyes. Prepare the eyes before using eye-makeup, using eyeshadow primer and base. A neutral eyeshadow on the lid with smoked out corners using a slightly darker shade is the ideal eye-look for men. Eyeliner for men is used to give the eyes a smouldering look. Use Differio’s Guyliner to achieve this look flawlessly. Most men have naturally long eye-lashes with bring the wrath of female-envy on them very often. Differio also makes mascara for men, manscara, to give natural-looking definition to male eyelashes.


Start by exfoliating the lips using a scrub or exfoliator to remove dead cells. Apply a colourless or neutral-coloured lip balm. The lips will then become soft and smooth, ready for any further applications. This look can be left as is but lip balms need constant reapplication so sealing it with one or two coats of neutral, nude lipstick is the best makeup look for any man.