3 Reasons Why Vivo, Oppo, and Redmi Phones Are So Popular In India

India has a smartphone market of nearly 730 million users and they control the way the market performs. Over the years, Chinese-manufactured devices such as the Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo smartphones have taken over from national brands such as Intex and Micromax, leaving them with less than 10% of the market share. This is all due to the fact that these brands offer devices that pack premium features at an affordable price point.

Owning a smartphone today is a necessity and depending on the manufacturer and the features, the price of a model can vary. The three bestselling brands, Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo, also offer phones in various segments, going from budget to mid-range to premium. 

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Now that you’re aware of an efficient way to purchase a phone, here are the reasons behind the popularity of the Redmi, Oppo and Vivo smartphones in India.

Affordable price point

In the Indian market, pricing plays a huge role in driving sales. This is because the average Indian shopper is looking to get maximum bang for the buck. Chinese manufacturers have picked up on this and have capitalized on this notion. Some of the most popular models from Redmi, Oppo or Vivo in the Indian market are priced within Rs.7,000 to Rs.15,000. 

This is the mid-range price bracket for a smartphone in India and well within the reach for the majority of salaried and freelance professionals and college students. The Redmi, Vivo, and Oppo smartphones offer value for money since they come packed with unbeatable features that are very close to those of premium mobiles. 

Feature-rich devices

As mentioned above, all three brands equip their smartphones with an assortment of features. Here are all the features that set these devices apart from the rest of the market. 

  • Ample storage

Storage is an especially important feature as most applications released on app stores today are heavy in size. However, Redmi, Oppo, and Vivo smartphones come with an internal storage capacity of 64GB RAM, which in most cases can be expanded up to 256GB. This storage space allows you enough room to safely hold on to all your files without needing multiple storage cards. 

  • 4G capability

4G capability is the feature that set these smartphones on the path to success. With the launch of the JIO SIM card in India, having a 4G capable smartphone was necessary in order to enjoy the benefits. However, many national manufacturers like Lava, Intex and more had not equipped their devices with hardware that could handle the new band of frequency. 

This is where the Chinese manufacturers stepped in and from the start, almost all Redmi, Oppo, and Vivo smartphones were built to handle 4G. This made them the go-to for consumers. 

  • Beefy CPUs

The CPU plays an important role in a smartphone as it directly contributes to smooth functioning. Redmi, Vivo, and Oppo smartphones come equipped with Snapdragon CPUs capable of handling the current firmware and future updates with ease. 

These CPUs are energy efficient and powerful, allowing you to run demanding software for hours without overheating. This is another feature that has fuelled these brands to the top of a buyer’s consciousness. 

  • High-quality cameras

Having a high-quality camera is imperative to driving sales and both Vivo and Redmi have capitalized on this technology. Vivo smartphones are especially well-known for their top-tier cameras as some models flaunt 3 lenses that can capture images at 48MP resolution. 

Besides this, the secondary cameras are just as powerful and this is important for the younger consumer in the market who is looking for the best selfie smartphone for social media updates. 

  • Long-lasting batteries

Building a powerful smartphone isn’t enough, especially for the Indian market. Battery life is among the top requirements and devices from all these brands are equipped with a battery that has proven to last at least a day on a single charge. 

These powerful 3700+mAh batteries are a common feature found in Redmi, Vivo, and Oppo smartphones and therefore, they comfortably meet the consumer requirements.

  • Large screen size

Large screen sizes used to be the mark of a premium smartphone. Usually, the larger the size, the costlier the phone. However, this quickly changed with Redmi and Vivo releasing the first few 6-inch budget smartphones. For the consumer, this was of immense value, and this is showcased by an increase in sales. 

Strong customer care and after-sales services

A key factor contributing to the popularity of these brands is the strong customer care service they offer. All 3 brands offer round-the-clock helpline service and have set up multiple service centers in each city. Furthermore, Oppo has a 4-level grievance redressal system that ensures you as customer have your problems solved fully and on time. 

All in all, the affordable price points for Vivo smartphones, Oppo smartphones, and Redmi phones in combination with lucrative financing options such as No Cost EMIs, make the smartphone models more irresistible. So, bring one home today by shopping on the EMI Network!