3 Reasons Tobacco is the Best E-Juice Flavor

Yes, there are thousands of e-juice flavors on the market, tasting like everything from breakfast to after-dinner drinks. But vapers are missing out mightily if they head straight for something like neon chocolate marshmallow butternut without at least giving real tobacco e-juice a try. This counts if you’ve been vaping for years or days, and it especially counts if you’re considering turning to vaping instead of smoking. Check out three reasons tobacco vaping liquid tops the list of e-liquid flavors.

Most Closely Resembles Smoking

Vaping devices are fashioned after e-cigarettes, which are fashioned after traditional cigarettes. There is definitely a link between smoking and vaping, and vaping with real tobacco e-juice more closely resembles smoking than, say, vaping with a fruity, sugary, or food-like e-juice flavor. Replacing the smoking habit with a vaping habit tends to be more successful when the habits are similar, which means tobacco e-juice is more likely to help satiate the urge.

Go for a good quality, real tobacco e-liquid and you’re not just getting a similar tobacco taste, you’re actually getting a better tobacco taste. That’s because vaping doesn’t give you the more than 4,000 chemicals found in combustible cigarettes.

Higher Chances of Natural Ingredients

Most e-liquids contain the chemical ingredients of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) for carrying the flavor, producing a throat hit, and generating the vape cloud. PG and VG are chemical components, but the chemical ingredients can stop there. Some e-juice flavors keep the chemical lineup going, with artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives.

The crazier the e-juice flavor, the more unlikely it’s something that’s made of natural ingredients. Do you honestly think somewhere in the world a neon chocolate marshmallow butternut is growing, just waiting to be picked and transformed into e-juice? Exactly.

Tobacco is a natural crop, and its extract can certainly be made into e-juice. In fact, the best tobacco vaping liquid companies will invest time, research and loads of effort to ensure they’re extracting tobacco and processing their e-juice in a way that produces the most remarkable taste.

They’ll likewise pay acute attention to the type of tobacco used, where it’s grown, the drying and curing process, and all other steps a tobacco seed must go through to eventually become a bottle of real tobacco e-juice.

Phenomenal Varieties

Real tobacco e-liquid sounds great, you may be thinking, but what about if I want something sweet, or spicy, or peppery and smoky? Real tobacco vaping liquid can give you that, too. Tobacco comes in a wide range of phenomenal varieties, from the bright and airy Virginia tobacco to the intense and full-bodied Cavendish blend. If smoky and peppery is your style, you can get that from Syrian Latakia.

While there may not be as many tobacco varieties as there are synthetic e-juice flavors, the quality of real tobacco e-liquid easily makes up for the quantity. Besides, once you find the real tobacco vaping liquid that perfectly suits your taste, there’s no need to keep searching for anything else.