Operation Chokehold targets AT&T

Apple fanboys have decided that the only way to get AT&T to listen to their demands for service improvements is to, err, cripple the network.

On Friday, starting at high noon, “Operation Chokehold”, is set to be launched. Miffed iPhone users are set to get on their toys and download everything they can get their paws on.

The idea is to bring down the network and insist that AT&T provide them with a service that matches their expensive toys. 

The last straw was when AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega was quoted as trying to “incentivize” mobile data hogs, in other words make them pay for using their iPhones.

For an hour fed-up iPhone owners are being encouraged to get on their devices and gobble up tons of 3G data. This will tell AT&T that iPhone users are sick of their substandard network and sick of their “abusive comments”.

The brains behind Operation Chokehold have enlisted Fake Steve Jobs, the hack Dan Lyons, as communications director.

The problem for the revolt is that it actively disobeys the will of Steve Jobs who has ordered his followers only to use AT&T, even if the service is useless. Apple fanboys have a fundamental problem when it comes to thinking different from the will of St Steve and so much of the coverage of the revolt has been negative.

Much of the tame Apple press corps says that the revolt has not got a hope of even denting the network which Steve has ordained that iPhones should use in the US.