Top 7 Free Mobile Apps for Drivers & Car Lovers

Driving and using your phone is hazardous to your health. Can you imagine texting and driving into the back of a truck? This kind of driver-cellphone calamity is not something that any of us want to think about, let alone experience.

Millions of people throw common sense to the wind and decide to risk a quick glance at their phones, sometimes opening apps while they are driving. If you find yourself guilty of this transgression, then this is a bad habit that you need to get out of as soon as possible

Fortunately, there is an app for that, or five to be precise. Here are five examples of how you can use technology to help you keep your eyes on the road and away from your phone while you drive your Opel Mokka around town.

#1 My Max Speed 2.0

This friendly and useful app helps you to track your kids driving and location at all times. Have you loaned your car to your son or daughter? Monitor their behavior with your vehicle through My Max speed 2.0. This app records the average speed that your vehicle is traveling at, as well as top speeds and distance.

The app uses an internal accelerometer that is linked to GPS to provide you with accurate recordings of the activities your kids get up to with your car. This app is ideal for anyone that suspects their kid may have a heavy foot behind the wheel and it will notify you via message if the vehicle exceeds the set speed limit, or wanders outside of the preset travel area.

#2 GasBuddy

Do you wish you had a way of finding the cheapest gas for sale? With GasBuddy, you have an iPhone app that shows you the ten most affordable gas stations in the near vicinity, as well as their prices on fuel. GasBuddy has said that their app includes the information of over 110,000 gas stations across America and they plan to have gas station services such as car washes and convenience stores built into the app shortly. Keep this app on hand and let it help you save money; can you imagine the savings that you can rack up over a whole year of saving on gas prices?

#3 MMGuardian

This app is the granddaddy of driver protection. It effectively isolates your phone while you are driving and prevents you from taking any calls, or answering any messages while the vehicle is in motion. It’s also great to install on your kid’s phone if they drive your car and you are assured that their complete attention is on the road at all times.

#4 Openbay

Have you ever sent your car in for a maintenance service, only to find that you were completely dissatisfied with their service? Openbay gives you listings of local service agents in your area. As well as their specialist services and pricing. Openbay helps you decide on the right service provider and then gives you a platform to leave feedback about your service experience. Openbay will arrange you a quote and an average repair time that you can expect.


This must-have app reads your text messages while you drive. One of the most frequent violations of the road safety act comes from viewing texts while driving. Sure, it’s fine when you are stuck, barely moving, in bumper to bumper traffic. However, some of us (and we all know we are guilty) just can’t help but check their phone, even when they are flying down the freeway at high speeds. Using to read you text messages will help you keep your attention on the road while you listen to your messages.

Wrapping Up

With these apps loaded onto your phone, you can relax knowing that your automotive traveling is optimized. Save money and save your life by downloading them and giving them a try on your next car trip.