The Car Selling Saga

Every middle house household in the world has one thing in common despite being separated by countries, ethnicity, religion and whatever basis one can possibly find to separate people. Separated by so many factors, many of us are united by our habit to stow away the smallest of things possible with the only thought looming inside our heads that one day or the other, it will definitely come in handy. Even an electronic item that has raised its hand from working is stored away in some dark corner of the house to apparently “be used somehow in the future”. One only realizes how much clutter they have actually collected while say, shifting, a spring/festival clean, or any occasion that calls for a thorough cleansing of the entire household.

The Dilemma

Once a person discovers the amount of rubbish they have collected over the years, it is still difficult to just throw them away because apparently, all those things have some kind of nostalgia associated with them. And since nostalgia is in question, nothing in this big world can beat the emotion, memories, and of course nostalgia, that is associated with the first salary and the first vehicle of every person in the whole wide freaking world. The first salary is a matter of a month, but when it comes to getting rid of the first car, it is really quite a rather emotional moment that a person goes through. The dilemma associated with the same is also quite high as to whether the same has to be sold or not. And if somehow, a person makes up the mind to sell the vehicle, the bigger question of finding the perfect buyer looms like a cloud over their heads until the matter is finally done and dusted. And mind you, convincing the owner to sell their vehicle to you is no less than rocket science where the degree and nature of questions that can be thrown at you are totally unprecedented.

The Perfect Buyer

For a moment and maybe in a parallel universe, perfection might exist. But there is absolutely nowhere where there exists a perfect buyer for your used and unwanted vehicle. The definition and criteria for the same just don’t exist. They keep morphing and changing their shape with every person that walks in the room as a potential buyer. A person might be able to meet 99 of the 100 demands of the seller, but apparently that 1 flaw in the buyer is exactly what the seller is not looking for in the person who would possibly be holding the keys to their wheels in the future. Even if you are willing to pay the top price for a vehicle whose value isn’t as much and promise to take proper care and maintain it as per their want, they will still somehow find a drawback in you by twisting some facts or whatever it takes. To give a better perspective, think of it like this. Going in to buy a car that made a mountain-load of memories with the owner is just like walking into an interview room filled with people that already hate you even before they have met or got to know you.

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