Selling a car: How to do it painlessly

Selling a used car in times of crisis has advantages and setbacks. On one hand, there are more drivers willing to buy a second-hand vehicle (especially since the 2000E Plan ended). But there is also less liquidity among buyers, who tend to cut costs and renegotiate prices. How to achieve a successful sale in this context? How to tell is it possible to sell your car without stress? Is it possible to sell a car and get the price and the good rating? Check out our tips for doing that successfully and how best to approach using online car selling services.

These will help you sell your used car with the maximum appraisal.

1. Define where you want to sell

Do you want to sell your car online, to individuals, to friends of friends, with an advertisement, to a dealer, to professionals? The first thing you have to define is the means by which you will announce the sale of your vehicle. The easiest thing is to do it with a used car buying/selling company, and so you will not have problems and your car will sell fast if it is in good condition.

2. Set a reasonable price

Visit a dealership, a trusted mechanic or your insurer so they can assess your car. This way you have a clear idea of

how much you can ask for it. The recommendation is that you calculate a price that you can then negotiate with the possible interested in the vehicle. Remember that cars with a price slightly lower than the market average will sell faster.

3. Find out about all the features of the car

The first thing they ask about an old car is how much mileage it has and what year it is. This data should be very clear and it is also important that you know the brand and the model. It is also important to say if the car has been involved in an accident; if it has passed all the ITV controls; if it has received all the mechanical services, the type of fuel it uses, how much it consumes, and so on. The more information you know, the better. Potential buyers will value this information a lot.

4. Prepare it for sale

Wash the car, polish the body and clean the upholstery. Nobody will be interested in a vehicle that looks bad, so invest a little in its image and presentation. It is also important that you take good photographs both external and internal car, and for that, it must look like new.

How much can you sell your car?

The price by which you can sell your used car will depend on many factors such as the year, model, brand, mileage and the state in which your car is.

To get the price you can use some Internet sites, or go directly to a dealer.

How to sell your car on the Internet?

To sell a second-hand car in a website specialized in this type of transactions, you have to think of an attractive advertisement, since you will compete with many people. The recommendation is the following:

Place photos that favor the car. Make sure they are quality images, well focused and with a nice and clean background. Do not place specific information such as registration or standard equipment, and focus on giving data that will add extra value to the vehicle. Accept haggling. Many people will try to lower the price you set, so the safest thing is that you have to accept a figure lower than the one you indicate.