How has the used car market changed in recent years?

In recent times, car prices have gone up, and the quality of the cars have gone down. This has not only resulted in a decrease in the number of cars bought every year, but also a hike in the number of used cars bought. Buying a used car can be seen as a smart financial move; however, if the decision is not thought after and is impulsive, it can lead to huge waste. Be it at a dealership or a purchase from any private dealer, being knowledgeable about what you are going to buy can further help you know your liking better and make the most informed decision.

What are some things you need to keep in mind before buying a used car?

Not everyone is as fluent with car parts and cars in general, which can be very scary when buying a used car. Buying a used car come with its prerequisites which can sometimes be hectic and stressful. Since it is a big purchase, you would want to ensure a good deal on a reliable that would not further add to future expenses. This article further gives you an idea of what you must check and do before you go to buy a used car.


Before anything else you need to jot down your requirements for the car and decide accordingly. Figuring out whether you need it to be big or small, what kind of seating capacity and other features you need, can further help you narrow down the choice. However, once you are done with this, you need to thoroughly research the prices and models of cars available in the market. Say you are looking for a used cars in Bangalore on EMI, and find one; research will further help get a better idea if there are any other better or similar models available in the area. Not only that, but research can also help you know more about the car and its parts which can improve your judgment and help you negotiate accordingly while buying a used car. This way you can avoid being pressured by a highly trained salesperson into a sale.


Budgeting is one of the most important points a used car buyer needs to keep in mind. Once you have your budget figured out, the process of choosing and deciding becomes a lot more convenient. Along with help in narrowing your search, it can also help you negotiate a price with the seller that you are truly comfortable with. However, one important tip is never to disclose your budget to the seller before they have set a price, as it gives you more negotiating power. Setting a budget for a used car is not only about how much you will pay for the car, but it should also include the inspection money and cost of small repairs if any.

Make sure to inspect the car properly:

After you are done with the research and have decided on a price with the seller, the next most important thing is to inspect the car properly. There are a lot of giveaways, like a dented body or unevenly worn out tyres, which tell that the car has not been maintained properly. However, if you think you are not the best judge for this, you can hire professional mechanics, who can run some necessary tests and help with figuring out the issues of the car, if any. This can further help you negotiate and get the best value for money. One efficient way of knowing if the car functions properly are by taking it out on a test drive.This also will be a major giveaway for any engine issues it might have. While testing, you should make sure that you drive the car on every kind of road possible, starting from highways to busy city streets. This will further give you a better understanding of how the car feels and if you find driving it appealing enough. In the case that you do not find it comfortable, just walk away.

Run a Carfax report:

The history of a used car is as important as the present state of it. The Carfax report gives you an overall history of the car, including accidents and information on the maintenance of the car. Dealerships generally run this report for you; however, if you are buying the car from a private dealer, you can do that yourself to attain more information.

Keeping the problems aside, there are a number of advantages as well. The first advantage being the cost-effectiveness of the affair; buying a new car includes not only the entire cost of the car but also the full amount of the insurance, road tax,and other costs.