8 Car Safety Technologies That May Save Your Life

You’ve got to love today’s cars. Gone are the days when airbags, anti-lock brakes, and seatbelts were the “in-thing.” Nowadays, vehicles come with super-thoughtful features geared towards keeping you safe on the road. Here’s a sneak peek;

1. Auto Steering
Okay – it doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy hands-free driving. This innovative function, however, can take the steering wheel away from you to help you avoid a crash. It applies brakes automatically when you’re about to hit an object or pedestrian. Even more impressive, it will do so without swaying your car out of its current traffic lane. Brilliant!

2. Lane Departure Warning
No more “stay in your lane” shouts from other motorists with this feature in your car. A lane departure warning uses an integrated camera to notify you when you drift across a lane. It will generate beeps, vibration or flickers. This way, you won’t miss the sign. And, when you don’t take any action, the system will work to ensure that you remain in your lane. Because lane departure warning uses revolutionary technology, it can even jolt your auto back to its path automatically.

3. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
In an emergency situation, you may not break as hard as you need to, primarily due to panic – and that’s where Automatic Emergency Braking comes in handy. It will slow down your car to prevent collisions and injuries such as whiplash. On top of that AEB scans up to 200 meters in front of your vehicle to warn you of impending danger.

4. Adaptive Cruise Control
You’ll love having this feature in your car if you’re out for a long highway drive. It helps you maintain a specific speed while allowing you to shift your body safely. The idea is to make long-distance driving more bearable. You can even install a more advanced option – Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control – to gather info from things such as roadside beacons, satellites and other infrastructure to tell the distance between cars.

5. Bluetooth/Voice Control

The National Safety Council says that cell phone use while driving causes an estimated 1.6 million crashes every year. Now, you can connect your smartphone to a Bluetooth system to enable you to answer calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Or, you can use it to listen to map directions. Remember, using your phone while driving is illegal in many states, attracting a hefty fine.

6. Backup Camera
Sure, backup cameras aren’t new. However, they fall into the category of tech that can help prevent car accidents. With one mounted on your car, you’ll see what’s behind you or an object close to your vehicle. Some cameras use a 360-degree system to enable to view inside your auto. And the beauty of it is that you can get one without burning through your wallet.

7. LED Headlights

LED headlights can reduce the risk of a crash when driving at night. For starters, they are brighter and last longer than standard halogen bulbs, some for over ten years. LED headlights provide superior quality of light and are less blinding to other motorists. More than that, they draw less energy from your car, which by extension translates to better fuel efficiency.

8. Active Rollover Protection
Rollovers are nasty. Indeed, you don’t want them to happen to you – or any other driver. You can lower the risk of your car rolling all over the highway by installing an active rollover protection system (ARP). It allows your vehicle to detect a situation that can lead to a rollover and apply brakes automatically to prevent an accident.

… Unfortunately, Car Accidents are Everyday Occurrences

Make no mistake about it; the technology above can help reduce the risk of a car crash significantly. However, even with the best driving practices, you can’t rule out the probability of getting involved in an accident entirely.

If you get involved in an auto accident, you may need to talk to a lawyer. An experienced and reliable injury attorney will help you recoup losses caused by a motor vehicle accident. Also, he or she will reduce the hassles often involved when dealing with car accident insurance claims. Plus, you’ll increase your chances of getting justice if you have legal assistance. Be sure to find more information on how to look for an injury lawyer in your area.