11 Fun Facts About Trucks

Trucks keep the world of commerce running. These large vehicles that run on our roads carry the bulk of our cargo and keep the world running smooth. However, there are so many things we don’t know about these larger than life vehicles. Here, we bring to you eleven great facts about trucks.

1. Truckers Are Away for A Long Long Time

Truckers spend most of their time away from home. It is estimated that this may be 240 or more nights a year. Many sleep for days in their little cab in the front of the truck. So, the next time you meet these great people, do thank them for their dedication.

2. Most of The US Relies on Class 8 Trucks

Did you know that most of the United States’ cargo, 70% of all of it in fact, travels by a class 8 truck in transit? The numbers are showing, and sales for this brand of trucks has even increased by a stunning forty five percent. Other vehicles are used too! This includes a wide choice of trucks from different makes to serve various types of cargo.

3. Taxes Are Flowing in Here

Trucks make up only 7% of road traffic, but they contribute to over 36% of road taxes. This is because the traffic from these vehicles is far larger and more frequent than other cars, buses and smaller vehicles combined.

4. Truckers Get Sick A Lot of Times

Truckers happen to get sick too often. The road is a harsh place, and when there are miles in between cities or small towns, truckers rely on their network and their own kit of medicines to stay safe and healthy.

5. Women Make A Small Percentage, Even Today!

It is surprising to see how minor the statistics are when it comes to recording the number of female truck drivers. They account for only 6% of the entire trucking industry and this creates an unusual gender imbalance that continues to this day.

6. Trucks Carry Most of Your Dangerous Goods

Trucks carry about 94% of all the dangerous goods in the logistics industry. This is because they can have customized cabins to carry the cargo safely. Trucks also consume about 20500 gallons of gas per year.

7. Millions and Millions of Trucks

It is reported that there are about 15.5 million trucks in the United States itself. If you could line all of them up, they would be enough to reach the moon. Don’t be surprised when you see too many trucks around next time.

8. The Girl Who Showed the Way

Lillie McGee Drennan earned her license in as early as 1929 and became the first woman to enter the trucking industry. Since times were rough and the perils of being on the road and among strange company did not seem favorable, she would carry with her a revolver at all times.

9. Growing Up Well

The increase in the trucking industry is at a rate of 21%. This may seem an exponential rise, but there are several factors that contribute to it. These include the presence of a growing market that requires logistics, among others.

10. Arrival of The Tractor Trailer

This has been one of the most useful inventions. Charles Fruehauf, a blacksmith of German-American descent, was the first to design a tractor trailer as he wished to pull his boat around.

11. Going Greener for A Better Future

The emissions from trucks has been reduced to around 95%, owing to EPA regulations. This ensures a healthier environment, though the emissions still present are quite large.

The trucking industry is highly fascinating. You can hardly guess how many complications and details there are. Sometimes, even people working in the industry don’t know everything. Dynamic as it is, this industry is really crucial to the struggle of everyday commerce and the sustaining of the world’s markets.