Injuries that may occur as a result of a Car Accident

Car accidents cause thousands of injuries each year. Although car injuries may differ from person to person, there are certain types of injuries that are quite common. It is important to know what these injuries are; therefore, you will have a better understanding of how this injury occurred. Listed below are some of the most frequent injuries caused by car accidents.

Head and Back
Injuries to the head or back are very common in car accidents. Because of the impact of the crash, concussions are quite common. Concussions are unique because you may not know that you have experienced a concussion until days or weeks later. Therefore, you must document the date of your car accident and visit a doctor as soon as it happens. Additionally, there are many objects within the car that you could possibly strike your head. In addition to concussions, the impact can also cause traumatic brain injuries. If you experience a head injury, it is possible that you may have hearing loss, vision problems, or skull fractures.
Back injuries can occur during a car accident as well. With back injuries, it is possible that you may damage your spinal cord. As a result, you may experience loss of feeling to many of your extremities. The most serious back injuries can cause paralysis. A herniated disk can cause problems for the rest of your life; therefore, if you experience a car accident and have back pain, it is extremely important to visit the doctor immediately.

Neck and Chest
When wearing a seatbelt, you are likely to experience whiplash. When a car accident happens and there is a high rate of speed involved, you can experience serious neck damage. Whiplash differs from person to person, but with any type of whiplash, a person is likely to experience pain for a considerable amount of time. Also, if you live in a larger city with more cars, you may experience a more severe wreck. This is especially true in Atlanta, and this is why it is important to visit Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer. With more cars on the road, the chances of being involved in a car wreck are increased.
If you experience a chest injury, you may have broken ribs or a damaged lung. There is also a possibility of having heart attack, especially if you have heart problems. Other injuries that may occur to the chest area are internal bleeding, a broken pelvis, and a damaged abdomen. If you experience pain in any of these areas, you most likely have a chest injury.

Other Injuries
There are many injuries that may occur. Many drivers may have a broken arm, leg, or hand. The most serious accidents can lead to emotional injuries. Drivers become afraid of driving again because of the trauma that they suffered during the car accident. Depending on the type of vehicle, the injuries may be even more severe. A motorcyclist will experience injuries that are far more traumatic than a person driving a car. Motorcyclists can even experience severed limbs.

Injuries are very common during a car accident, and it is important to know the types of injuries that may occur. As soon as a car accident happens, it is crucial that you visit a doctor immediately. You should also speak with a lawyer as soon as possible; therefore, you will have someone working on your side to get you the compensation that you deserve. Although injuries are extremely frightening, knowing that you have someone working for you will ease this scary experience.